Jeff Gordon scares Pepsi video car salesman

In a fun prank prepared by Pepsi, four-time Nascar champion Jeff Gordon disguises himself as a high-speed test drive with a powerful Camaro. With cameras hidden in his glasses and a soda can that record the entire route, the driver makes the most radical maneuvers, much to the chagrin of the salesman who accompanies him in the car. The result is priceless.

Video is a great way for Pepsi to promote its brand, after all, who doesn't want to share this fun prank with friends?


No sooner had the fun video started to circulate on the Internet and there is news that everything is just a big frame. According to the folks at Jalopnik, the famous Nascar pilot didn't drive the Camaro, and all the people who appear in the movie are mere actors.

The site team found several discrepancies, which eventually revealed that the material is fake. They found, for example, that the Troutman Motors dealership really does exist, and that there is a salesman named Steve - as featured in the clip - who works there. Only this person is not the same person who appears during the shoot.

Also, according to the Independent Tribune, who actually drove the Camaro was a pilot named Brad Noffsinger, who works for a company called Richard Petty Driving Experience. What's more, the car that appears in the video is supposedly a model of the year 2009, and Chevrolet has not produced any Camaro this year. The interior of the filmed vehicle corresponding to a 2013 model year. And now, how will Pepsi explain all this?