John Bobbitt: The Story of the Man Who Lost His Penis and Became a Porn Actor

Do you remember that case of a woman who cut her husband's penis and, after running away with the member, threw him into the woods? After an exhaustive search, the organ was recovered and reimplanted to the owner's body, and the whole story eventually gained a huge repercussion. All of this occurred over 20 years ago, and the one involved in this crazy incident was the couple formed by Lorraine and John Wayne Bobbitt.

For those who do not remember the details of the case - or was not born at the time - Lorena armed herself with a kitchen knife, took advantage of her husband was drunk and cut off his penis while he slept in the couple's bed. Then, after getting rid of the member, the wife had a moment of clarity and decided to alert the authorities that she had left John bleeding at home.

Successful Meeting

Bobbitt was rescued and had his penis reimplanted, and after leaving the hospital, the couple faced a public and embarrassing court battle. According to Lorena, what motivated her to attack her husband was the six years of betrayal, abuse and sexual dissatisfaction that lived alongside Bobbitt. As he said, besides being rude, violent and womanizing, John was extremely selfish among four walls.

At the end of the process, Lorena was acquitted and became a symbol for abused women, and drew attention to the controversial issue of sexual violence caused by husbands. On the other hand, John - who became the most famous severed in the world - ten months after losing and being “reconnected” to his penis, became a porn star.

During an interview on the set, Bobbitt revealed that he was determined to prove to the world that, despite the mishap suffered, his “little friend” had recovered and was fully functional. According to him, the surgery of the meeting had been a real success and entered the annals of medicine.

Life's twists

Bobbitt during interview in 2011

After becoming a worldwide joke about his lost penis, Bobbitt starred in a couple of pornographic films - “John Wayne Bobbitt Uncut” and “Frankenpenis” -, went through a penile enhancement procedure, worked in pubs as a pizza delivery boy, driver shrieked and even became minister of an evangelical church in Las Vegas.

But despite all that has gone on, it seems that Bobbitt has not learned the lesson. In 1994, John spent two weeks in jail for assaulting his fiancee and, ten years later, was convicted of abusing two other women. As if that weren't enough, the famous Frankenpenis has been caught several times for various crimes, from theft to aggression. And in spite of everything, it seems that John's "equipment" is still working.

Lorraine currently

Lorena had some problems with the law after being accused of beating her own mother, but was eventually cleared. However, after this incident, she married, had a daughter and became an activist, doing a number of jobs and activities aimed at raising funds and drawing attention to the issue of domestic violence.