John Travolta confused: we already have the best carnival costume

Although there are five business days to go until Carnival festivities, those who like the revelry are already enjoying many of the celebrations that take place on the weekend before the holiday.

What is not lacking is creativity when it comes to fantasizing! It doesn't matter if you bought your favorite character's official attire or made the last minute outfit with what you had at home: the important thing is to have fun!

It is worth the example of the carioca Rodrigo de Bonis, who, based on the idea of ​​friend Maria Thalita de Paula, embodied the role of John Travolta in the classic “Pulp Fiction - Time of Violence” and gave life to one of the most famous memes last year. .

He also said that the fantasy was so successful that he took over 300 photos in just one day! The friend took advantage and published several videos to show the good performance of Rodrigo:

Towards Paqueta ... Carnival has arrived !!! ?????? My project by @rodrigodebonis !!! Suceeesso! Carnival is here !!! ???????? #peroladaguanara # paqueta #johntravolta #gif #carnavalderua #carnaval #riodejaneiro #JohnTraveledCarnival

A video posted by Maria Thalita de Paula (@mariathalitadepaula) on Jan 30, 2016 at 4:37 pm PST

John was made up with the Guanabara Pearl Block and its revelers! John: @rodrigodebonis #JohnTraveledCarnival #Carnavalde Street #peroladaguanara #carnaval #blocodastrepadeira #mariathalitadepaula #rodrigodebonis

A video posted by Maria Thalita de Paula (@mariathalitadepaula) on Feb 1, 2016 at 6:10 PST

John Travolta of Carnival (@rodrigodebonis) is up to the toilet issue. #JohnTraveledCarnival #CarnavaldeStreet #gif #johntravolta #bolado #cordodoboitatá

A video posted by Maria Thalita de Paula (@mariathalitadepaula) on Jan 31, 2016 at 7:45 PST

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