Journalist gets robbed while reporting on theft wave

While recording a report about robberies that happened at a bus stop in front of the Federal University of Campina Grande (UFCG), journalist Larissa Fernandes had her own cell phone stolen by a robber who managed to flee the crime scene, running.

At 50 meters there was a military police vehicle, but that was not enough to prevent the crime. According to the journalist herself, at that moment she was in contact with the newsroom, preparing for work, which was precisely to cover an agenda about lack of security in the place.

"It was the second night I went to the scene to show the situation of students who are victims of insecurity, and I, unfortunately, was also a victim, " she said. “I had been using my business phone to get in touch with the newsroom, and the boy simply took the phone from my hand. I still tried to call the police, but he ran away. I had never imagined going through it, especially working, ”said the reporter.

Neither co-workers nor police officers nearby could locate the perpetrator. Larissa made a police report at the local police station.