Young man loses over 70 kg and shows how his skin looked

Every day, a number of surprising weight-loss body transformation stories are featured on websites, newspapers, magazines, television, and then on your Facebook timeline. In a quick Google search, you can find headlines like: “Detox Diet: Lose 10kg in 1 Week” or “Model Lose 20kg in 2 Months with 3 Tricks and 3 Cuts”.

It seems so easy that many people believe they are not working hard enough for the "change to happen." But there are a lot of things these stories don't show: for example, do you know what a skinny person looks like?

Young John Glaude worked hard and, over the past two years, has lost more than 70 pounds through exercise and diet. He says he feels much more confident and energetic, and on his YouTube channel, "Obese to Beast, " chronicles his journey in pursuit of his main goal: losing weight.

Weight Loss Caused Skin to Flab

However, there was a theme John was setting aside, all for fear of people's reaction: the skin. The faster the weight loss, the less time the skin has to firm itself naturally, causing it to look like “loose skin”.

So John found it important to discuss the issue and show how his body was 70 kg less. But do not think that he is ashamed; on the contrary: the young man stated that he is happy and proud of himself.

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