Young girl who bleeds through her eyes gets treatment that can make her infertile

The 17-year-old Marnie-Rae Harvey saw her life change completely when, in 2013, she experienced strange bleeding. First they came with a strong cough, but soon spread to their gums, nose, ears, eyes and even to the scalp.

She says that, for no apparent reason, she begins to feel a burning in her eyes until the blood completely covers her pupils and she can't see anything else. At first, the bleeding was rapid and soon stopped, but now it has become daily and longer in duration, making it impossible for her to go to school.

To make matters worse, she says she has no energy for her daily activities and suffers from pain in her shoulders and bones, as well as dizziness.

Marnie has gone through several doctors, including gynecologists, neurologists, and hematology specialists, but none of them could diagnose any problems.

The term used for bloody tears is “hemolacria”, a condition that can cause injury, clotting problems, and dysfunctions in the gland. However, during the tests, she did not present any alteration regarding the pathology.

After reporting that bleeding is getting worse during her period, doctors believe she may suffer from endometriosis when the tissue lining the inside of the uterus ends outside the uterine cavity. Because of this, she needed to get an injection called “Prostap”, which made this organ stop working for three months.

The stakes are high, as she has a 60 to 70 percent chance of becoming infertile in the future.

Similar case upsets youth in Brazil

In Aurelino Leal, in the interior of Bahia, a family suffers from the unusual disease of young Keila Bispo dos Santos, only 15 years old. As in the previous case, Keila has daily eye bleeds and a lot of pain in her eyes and head.

Even with poor financial conditions, the teenager has been taken to several hospitals, but no doctor found a diagnosis for the case.