Young man holds abuser by collar in the street and calls the police

A 21-year-old college girl was harassed while walking through a market in New Delhi, India. So far, unfortunately, there is nothing new.

It turns out that the men who harassed the girl, who was with more friends, decided to follow her, make obscene gestures and say words of sexual connotation: "Two of them even followed us while making vulgar comments, " she said in a statement published in Subway.

She even drew the boys' attention by saying that they were being inelegant, but that only made the situation worse. It was then that, enraged, the young woman grabbed one of the stalkers by the shirt and dragged him outside the market, where she called the police.

“People passing by helped me hold the man. I had called the police, but before the police arrived, a traffic officer saw me on the street and offered me help. He held the man and with the help of a pedestrian took us to the police station, ”she said.

Harassment is a police case, yes!

The man who appears to be held by the young woman in the shoot is named Manish Kumar. The cops had him call the other friend involved in the scene and say he would have to go to the police station just to apologize to the girl. When he arrived, he was arrested with Kumar.

"This is not the first time I've been harassed on the street, but I decided to react this time because, despite being ignored, they persisted and followed me, " said the victim. Young prisoners are students who claimed to have gone to the market to bring a laptop to technical assistance.

Of course, this kind of situation makes many women identify and want to do the same. Remember that in the case mentioned, the police were involved and acted quickly - besides, the girl was in a public place, with many people around. If you would like to report any abuse here in Brazil, dial 180 .