Judge tells this man he is officially dead

Perhaps the lord of the image is no heartthrob there - nor does he look so remarkable. But one thing we can deduce from looking at the picture is that it is alive. Or at least it seems, right? Recently, however, he has had to stand before a judge for a hearing and has heard (present-day) from the magistrate that, legally speaking, he is dead. Mortinho da Silva. More dead than Methuselah. Although, as you have seen, he is alive! But ... How is that?

Dead alive

Constantin Reliu (APF / Getty Images)


The man in the picture is the Romanian (who is neither a vampire nor a distant relative of Count Dracula) Constantin Reliu, 63, and the unusual case was reported in the town of Barlad, Romania. And what happened was this: Constantin left for Turkey to look for work in 1992, leaving his family behind. Except that he must have enjoyed his new home on Turkish lands a lot, because since 1999, the Romanian simply has not contacted anyone. He didn't make a phone call to his wife, not even to say that everything was fine.

Then, after a long time of not knowing anything about her husband, Constantin's wife decided to go to the authorities and get a death certificate. In fact, the poor wife felt that Constantin must have died in an earthquake that shook Turkey in 1999 - a year in which, coincidentally, communication between them ceased - and, in the absence of the man to prove otherwise, the document was issued.

Constantin Reread

Jeez, Constantin (APF / Getty Images)

However, in 2003, Constantin was stopped by Turkish authorities and was eventually deported to Romania for possession of overdue documents - and when the missing was to renew his papers all, he found that he was officially dead. With this, the Romanian was prevented from taking new documents and returning to Turkey, where he started a small company. Now he has heard from a judge (who has seen him live and live) that nothing could be done, since all appeals deadlines have already expired, and the decision is final.

What's worse is that, being listed as officially dead, Constantin can't go back to Turkey and can't get a job in Romania - after all, legally, he doesn't exist anymore. The Romanian thinks that all this confusion happened because his wife really wanted to cancel their union in order to remarry, but if you were in her place, would not have done the same? Jeez, Constantin ...


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