Giant lobster escapes going to the pan thanks to vegan hero - and rich!

Everyone knows lobster meat is not among the cheapest there is; so each time such a large animal is caught, the fishermen celebrate. For recently one of these giant crustaceans was found and made the joy of the owners of a Canadian lobster store - as well as the activists on duty.

According to Aly Thomson of The Star portal, the huge animal - weighing over 10 pounds and measuring over 1.2 meters in length - was named King Louie and offered for sale in a store called Alma Lobster Shop, located in Canadian province of New Brunswick. However, instead of going to the pan, as with the animals that end up in the establishment, a hero appeared to save the lobster's life.

Savior Vegan

According to Aly, as one of the store's owners, a woman named Catherine MacDonald, explained, the lobster is probably over 100 years old and, given its sheer size, it would probably not find many predators capable of devouring it - except humans, of course. .

King louie

However, a vegan activist learned that King Louie was in danger of becoming food in a luxury restaurant and decided to shell out the equivalent of about $ 600 for the animal. According to Catherine, the lobster savior was from Nova Scotia, also in Canada, and never even saw the crustacean - but requested that the animal be returned to the place from which he had been caught.

King Louie was released into the sea where he was found, according to his savior's wishes, and, according to Catherine, with luck the crayfish will not be fished again and should live happily ever after.