Is shampooing hair with conditioner really necessary?

You regularly wash your hair with shampoo and, if appropriate, still complete the treatment with a conditioner dose. But have you ever wondered if this hygiene ritual is really necessary?

Originally, it is known that people used bar soaps to wash their body and hair. Shampoo, as we know it today, began to be produced only in the late 1900s. As the industry has evolved, products now contain a number of foreign substances that are used to remove grease, the main purpose of which is to maintain the hair. cleaned and protected in a natural way.

The damage of cosmetics

There is a little secret that the cosmetics industry has failed to tell you. It is believed that when we use traditional shampoos to wash our hair, we are actually removing the natural oils that should protect the hair and scalp. Also, many shampoos contain detergent chemicals that damage hair.

This process results in a cycle: we wash our hair and remove grease, the body realizes it has been unprotected and produces even more grease, so we use more and more products to solve the problem and become dependent on shampoo and other cosmetics.

The result is that we end up spending money on items that damage the hair, leaving hair dry, faded and frizzy. As a result, we end up investing even more in new products to try to reverse the damage done.

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After all, are shampoo and conditioner really necessary?

The answer to this question is very similar to the question how often we should wash our hair. Maintaining good hygiene habits is crucial, but you need to know if the products you use and your hair-washing routine are not doing more harm than good. When in doubt, watch your body signals and always consult a specialist.