Law of Attraction: 6 Steps to Getting Everything You Want

You have heard of the law of attraction, right? It's that really "The Secret" thing: good things attract good things, keeping positive thinking attracts positive things, and so on. The premise of the law of attraction is quite simple: To have good results on the outside, we must have good things on the inside.

In theory, all this is beautiful and even poetic, but the truth is that life is not a bed of roses that allows us the luxury of maintaining positive thinking often. For all sorts of reasons, we are often flooded with negative thoughts stemming from problems at work, in dating, at home, at school ... Still, we need to have a goal in mind and stay focused, and if you want to put the law attraction in your life, follow the tips below:

1 - Be honest with yourself

You must have goals that meet your needs, not the needs of others. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't think of anyone else, but that you have to understand that each person has their own personality, that that personality makes us have different ambitions and dreams, so don't compare yourself with anyone or force yourself to follow paths that don't. are yours, just to satisfy other people's desires. Attracting good things works when we genuinely want them.

It may seem a bit mystical at first, but it is scientifically proven that our neurons help us get what we want when this desire is genuine. The key is figuring out what you really want and what needs to be done to make it happen.

Honesty always!

2 - Find out what you really want

Take an honest look at your life and see if what you have is really working for you. Remember if you've come close to this goal before - or tried - and what the experience was like. What you want? Be totally honest in the answer.


3 - Be creative

Writer Neil Gaiman recently pointed out in one interview that one of the keys to creativity is boredom, and that it is very difficult to get bored today with so much entertainment available on our cell phones and computers. When was the last time you allowed yourself to stare at the ceiling and think of random things without the interference of social networks or anything else?

The point here is not to dream about absurd things, but what you want and imagine what it would really be like to achieve that goal, after all it is fundamental to dream and have goals, but it is even more interesting to have goals that are within your reach and are realistic. The key here is to be creative, imaginative and realistic. It's no use dreaming of having a pink unicorn, even though it's fun to imagine. If the idea is to really achieve a goal, focus on the possible.


4 - View in detail

Every time you think of your dream home, don't think of an abstract place. Instead, imagine the coloring of the doors, the walls, the decor of the surroundings. The same goes for dreams about your career or social life: what kind of people would you have around, what situations would you live in, how would you dress?

Detailing and being specific is important. If you had to do some drawing, you would surely waste a lot of time wondering what to draw; But if you were to make a blue rectangle with a yellow circle inside, you would already know exactly what to do and what colors to use. Specifying is extremely important in terms of life goals.


5 - Write

Once you have chosen your goals, write them down. Just the exercise of putting things on paper - or in a Word document, in Notepad, whatever - is something that gets us focused and makes our brains think clearly, which, we think, is great in terms of to achieve goals - that's why post-its and notebooks are so successful!

"I want to be around people who do things"

6 - Take a meaningful attitude

In terms of brain anatomy, the intent-related regions are close to the action-related regions, and the two usually do group work. The difference is that intention alone makes no difference in our lives.

Telling a chair to move will not cause it to move, but applying its force toward the same object will ultimately cause the chair to move. Put the same force and movement in your life, and you will be able to see the results. Set deadlines for yourself and stick to them.

When an idea comes out of paper and becomes reality, it's proof that you have the power to do things - and the feeling is more than amazing! This is why the law of attraction is fundamental: knowing it gives us a better sense of how we can achieve the things we want with the power of thought.

Speaking only in the power of thought, on the other hand, implies an idea that it is 'just thinking' when, in fact, these thinking exercises give us the guidance that we need to have the right attitudes to achieve our goals. Always keep in mind that every difference only happens when we act in some way and that the law of attraction only works when you give it a helping hand.

Get out of latency!


Do you have any successful personal experiences? Share with us in the comments! Tell us what your strategies are when it comes to achieving some new goal - so we create a cool network of good ideas.