Lioness on the brink of death finds love after being rescued

Sheila was a young lioness, just 15 months old, when she was rescued by an NGO in Texas, USA

She was weak and about to die

She lived with a man who had her as a source of income

The man charged people to take pictures with her

“For two weeks, I had to stick the food in Sheila's throat, ” says Vicky, one of her caretakers.

The lioness had no appetite because of a disease called toxoplasmosis.

The lioness took a long time to react to the treatment and vomited a lot during the process.

When it finally improved, she was placed next to lion Kahn, a former companion

Kahn had been rescued from the same man 6 months earlier

Only his recovery was much faster

When Sheila and Kahn met again ...

... it was love at first sight

They went on to lead a married life

Leaving behind the mistreatment suffered in the former residence

Sheila and Kahn's readaptation in the same room was quite rapid

After 3 months, they no longer have to be even seconds apart

Despite the romance, Sheila was castrated

It didn't diminish Kahn's love for her

Its former owner, whom the two prefer to forget, has been revoked for wildlife care.


From now on, the two lovebirds, I say, little lions want to enjoy life

Next to each other