Survey points out that most serial killers are bull

You may not take this horoscope thing very seriously, but the result of a recent survey that takes into consideration zodiac signs is interesting, that is! That's because the study pointed out that most known serial killers share the same sign.

Serial sign

According to Anthony Harvison of the Mirror, who made the discovery was British author David Jester, who conducted research on this subject for his new book, entitled "The Clinic". The survey took place over two years, and Jester concluded that, coincidentally, most of the reported serial killers were born between April 20 and May 20.

Representation of the sign Taurus

(The Pulp 1)

Interestingly, the discovery is that behavioral and criminology experts have already listed a number of characteristics that serial killers share, and believe it or not, the folks who care about astrology and the influence of stars on people, too. listed a number of common behaviors among individuals of the same sign.

For example, people who are born between April 20 and May 20, and therefore from the Taurus, are said to be (incredibly stubborn, determined, and protective) according to astrology. Moreover, Taureans would be individuals who need security and stability to feel happy, and they accomplish this with hard work and concentration. They would also be very affectionate to the people they love, and quite jealous.

Representation of the sign Taurus

(My Astral Life)

But going back to Jester's survey, he found that serial killers beyond claims like HH Holmes, Albert Fish and Karla Homolka are all bullfighting. The author also found that there are two specific dates when the crime crowd seems to have more birthdays: February 18th and April 24th, which would correspond to the Aquarius and Taurus signs (again).

It may be that this serial killer thing born in May is just a bizarre coincidence (and most likely!), But if you know a lot of Taureans, it might be a good idea to avoid taking this class seriously, keeping up with good neighbor policy with these people and observe their behavior more closely.


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