List brings together the 10 safest countries in the world. Check out!

We have already spoken here at Mega Curioso about various places around the world, sometimes separated into cities, sometimes into countries. The fact is that when it comes to some sort of ranking, it's always cool to know, for example, which are the happiest cities in the world, which are the most populous and even the weirdest ever.

If you are the type who likes to check this list, you may be jealous of the people who live in the countries we will mention below. These selected locations had the highest quality of life indices, where their residents need not worry about war, conflict and crime environments. Check out which are the safest countries in the world:

10 - Finland

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A secluded, shallow place next to Sweden. There, justice is recognized by the population as honest, and policing is functional and effective.

9 - Austria

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The country is also ranked among the richest, with per capita GDP exceeding R $ 104, 000 - in Brazil, this figure is just over R $ 22, 000.

Austria is also considered one of the healthiest places to live, and the capital Vienna attracts tourists from all over the world who come looking for a variety of entertainment available for the whole family.

8 - Sweden

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Despite the extreme weather conditions, the place is still considered one of the safest, even because most tourists go to Stockholm during the spring due to the favorable weather and, of course, the beauties of the place. It is one of the least risky countries in the world.

7 - Australia

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This year is good for Australians: not only is their country considered the friendliest ever, but it is also the most prosperous and one of the safest.

The country has far more maritime borders than by land, which increases its level of security. This beach world is also good for those who like to enjoy summer on the water. That is: if you were looking for somewhere to spend your next vacation, this is an excellent tip.

6 - Ireland

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If you're on vacation and you're the type to drink Guinness with your friends listening to the most traditional Celtic songs, Ireland is the place to be. What makes this small country one of the safest is also the fact that the Irish are very receptive and friendly - you will be treated very well while in Emerald Land, no doubt.

The country has several traditional customs that are celebrated in various festivities during the year, the best known being the celebration of St. Patrick's Day. The truth is that Irish people live too happy and there is no room for major crime cases or anything that puts their lives at risk. Sláinte !

5 - Denmark

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The country did not have the best fame of all, but managed to overthrow the title of "lazy" and build that of "battler." The change has been so great that today Denmark is among the safest and most protected countries in the world. Policing is effective in respecting any and all laws, resulting in the utmost security for Danish citizens, who are hardly at risk of being robbed, kidnapped or killed.

4 - Norway

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This country is reputed to be one of the most expensive in the world, but it is also one of the most romantic and of course safe, after all that is what we are talking about. There are simply no crime rates in Norway. Can you believe? As if that were not enough, the country has more than healthy environmental issues, making it a recommendable place for everyone.

3 - Iceland

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As if the place was simply beautiful and inspiring, recent research has indicated that murders, kidnappings, rapes and the like are virtually extinct occasions. In addition, the place is the darling of those who want to live in the fullest quiet. So, interested?

2 - Tuvalu

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The small paradise located close to Australia is not considered a country. There, there is no oil production or any other means of renewable energy, which means super low levels of pollution. If you have never heard of Tuvalu, rest assured: almost no one knows it, as the place is very small, quiet and has only 10, 000 residents.

1 - New Zealand

Image Source: Reproduction / queenstownnz

If you want to go to the safest place in the world, run to New Zealand. There you will know in practice what a really good quality of life is. It seems that the secret is something not much seen in Tupiniquin lands: good relationship between citizens, rulers and politics.

In New Zealand, you will not find people living in extreme poverty, unemployed and homeless. The logic is more than clear: with less inequality, there is much less violence.