Xiaomi's “Magic Lamp” turns on and off automatically

Over the years, the human race has kept many characteristics intact, such as faith and the love of art, such as painting, music, and theater, for example. There is also another feature that we are always perfecting: the ability to be practical.

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As time goes by and especially in, but not limited to, large urban centers, people feel more need to streamline their day to day life by creating new methods for performing routine tasks or by making use of new technologies that are make life easier and more practical, like the smart night lamp we'll talk about next.

Smart lamp Xiaomi Mi Light 2

Source: Xiaomi / Press Release

Mi Light 2 is a lamp that was created to make life easier for people. It has an infrared sensor that detects movement in the dark, making it light up. After 15 seconds of inactivity, it shuts down, all automatically.

Innovative product

The lamp is fixed with a magnetic base. This means no drilling is required if you need to remove it from one location and place it in another. She gets stuck firmly, but just pull her out without effort or excessive work.

It can also be moved in 360º and has two brightness adjustments to suit different situations: more intense and less intense.

Operation is by means of three AA size batteries. And as it works automatically, savings are guaranteed.

Source: Xiaomi / Press Release

Some usage scenarios

Mi Light 2 can be used in a number of situations. See some examples:

  • small rooms;
  • living room (for when someone arrives);
  • cabinets;
  • wardrobe;
  • attics;
  • near the foot of the bed (to avoid accidents at night);
  • in the hallway and bathroom (if you get up at night and don't want to turn on brighter lights that can disturb your sleep;
  • stairs;
  • backyard.

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  • Buy Xiaomi Mi Light 2 at Gearbest for R $ 52

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