Madness: Here's what it feels like (literally!) In the middle of a typhoon [video]

It takes courage to do some things in this life, and among them we can clearly highlight what Jim Edds did during Typhoon Haiyan's trip to the Philippines in November 2013: he took his GoPro and struggled to show the wind force of about of 180 kilometers per hour that destroyed several areas of the country.

The video you check out above was posted on the official GoPro YouTube channel. Note that at times it is impossible for Edds to stay in the region where the winds are hitting, and he often needs to seek shelter behind columns and even submerge himself in water to avoid being hit.

More surprising than the courage of the gentleman who recorded the video above is the strength of the typhoon, which has been placed in category 5. There are few times when we can see leaves and even heavier objects like a coconut being hit by the Haiyan.

At some point, he can also pass a house that is completely overturned and at a point where people are receiving assistance. A feat that is at least curious, but clearly shows that in situations like this, the best thing to do is not to play with luck too much.

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