Madonna # 60years: Remember the times when the Queen of Pop has redefined fashion

This Thursday (16), the Queen of Pop, Madonna, turned 60. Owner of 5 Grammys (along with 28 other nominations), she draws attention in both the music, film and fashion worlds. In the latter, she has been able to launch trends since she appeared on the pop scene in the early 1980s. How about remembering some of the most striking costumes of the singer? Check out:

1. Like a Virgin (1984)

Early in her career, Madonna was scandalized by her 1984 “Like a Virgin” video. In it, she appears all sensual on the streets and canals of Venice. But it was at the MTV Awards that she redefined the wedding fetish: with a lace and semi-transparent wedding dress, complemented by gloves above the elbows and a belt with the inscription Boy Toy, she created one of her most remembered looks.


2. Desperately Wanted Susan (1985)

In her film debut, Madonna embodied the best (and worst) of the 1980s: lace gloves, red lipstick, big bows, permed hair, and especially the iconic jacket, which is a pivotal piece in the movie and in history. Fashion


3. Blonde Ambition (1990)

The 1990 Blonde Ambition tour featured what is perhaps the most remembered accessory in Madonna's visual trajectory: the cone bra corset, created by designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. This fashion pop icon was auctioned in 2012 for £ 48, 000, which is about $ 240, 000 at today's exchange rate.


4. Marilyn Monroe (1984 and 1991)

Marilyn Monroe was one of the greatest divas in film history and influenced Madonna early in her career. In the 1984 clip of “Material Girl, ” she wore a pink strapless and several diamond pieces, in a look that honored her idol. At the 1991 Oscars, she once again “incarnated” Marilyn to sing “Sooner or Later” from the movie “Dick Tracy”: she wore it with a diamond studded dress valued at $ 20 million.


5. Frozen and Ray of Light (1998)

In the video for “Frozen, ” Madonna appeared all dark-gothic and with henna tattoos on her hands in a flowing dress designed by Olivier Theyskense. Already in "Ray of Light", she committed a "sin", but that was acceptable in her: she combined jeans at the top and bottom of her look.


6. Nothing Really Matters (1999)

The new partnership with Jean-Paul Gaultier for the "Nothing Really Matters" video brought Madonna dressed in a red vinyl kimono, inspired by the book "Memoirs of a Geisha." At the Grammys the following year, she performed with her outfit and very dark straight hair.


7. Tribute to colleagues (2000 and 2001)

Madonna has never had a problem showing her admiration for other pop divas either: at the 2000 MTV Europe Music Awards, for example, she performed with a T-shirt by the name of Kylie Minogue; The following year, it was the name of Britney Spears who appeared in the Queen of Pop's outfit.


8. The pantsuit (2003)

Madonna and Britney Spears wore menswear-inspired suits for the 2003 clip of Me Against the Music. The Queen of Pop still wore a similar outfit for Britney and Christina Aguilera's iconic performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. 2003 - She still chipped a kiss on the mouth of each of the Little Princes of Pop.


9. Disco Diva (2005)

Using ABBA riffs for her disco phase in 2005, Madonna wore an iconic pink swimsuit to practice dance moves at a gym. Many 70s movements also appeared in the choreography.


10. Cleopatra (2012)

Madonna's 2012 Super Bowl halftime show was breaking the internet: wearing a costume signed by Riccardo Tisci for the Givenchy brand, she embodied none other than Cleopatra! The outfit was studded with white gold and diamonds.



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