Magazine Luiza's Magalu Poses Against Facebook Harassment

Yes, we are talking about a virtual animation. Even so, the warning from Magalu, Magazine Luiza's digital saleswoman, brings up a much broader discussion: “About getting disrespectful 'sings': folks, I'm upset about some heavy sings I've been getting on my social networks. And look I'm virtual! I keep imagining the real women who go through this every day! ”

The folks at Buzzfeed noticed that many Facebook users were on Magalu, an animation used by Magazine Luiza to present products. The problem noted, however, was not the compliments but the level of the jokes. Follow the report here.

Driven by the opportune moment, Magazine Luiza took a stand on the case. You follow below:

Magalu of Magazine Luiza takes a stand against Facebook harassment via TecMundo