10 more tree houses for your inner child to freak out

Were you one of those people, like me, who always dreamed of having a tree house, but “only” was missing a tree that had such a structure? So come drool along with me in these 10 little mansions built around the world. And if you like it, check out the first part of this list!

1. Woodman House

Built by carpenter Guy Mallinson in the woods in England, this cottage is made of local materials so as not to disturb the landscape. He supports nothing in the trees; The idea is to use them only as internal decoration of your building.

2. Almke House

Planned by the German Baumraum collective, this tree house caters for boy scouts and is located in the town of Wolfsburg, Germany. It has two large structures interconnected by a staircase, one of which involves a pine tree.

3. The Tree in the House

This structure slightly inverts the concept and places a tree inside a house. We already talked about her in this post, but it's always good to drool a little more. It is in Kazakhstan and has a cylindrical structure with transparent walls, surrounding a whole tree!

4. E'terra Samara

The luxury resort E'terra Samara offers incredible bungalows for its guests. Each little house surrounds a tree, never hurting its trunk. It is located on the Bruce Peninsula in Canada and promises comfort and serenity away from the big city.

5. Point House

Point Tree House is a dream come true for Pete and Judy Nelson and is located in the woods around Washington, USA.

6. The 7th Bedroom

If your dream is to see a Northern Lights up close, you can stay in the 7th Bedroom, which is a construction of Treehotels, a complex designed to bring comfort into the midst of nature. It is located in Sweden and has a privileged view.

7. Kusukusu

Architects Takashi Kobayashi and Hiroshi Nakamura designed this is the largest tree house in Japan. In addition to its grandeur, it hugs a camphor tree that is approximately 300 years old.

8. UFO

This house is also part of Sweden's tree hotel complex and mimics a spaceship that seems to be floating in the air! It is perfect for those who dream of having immediate third degree contact.

9. Tom's House

Designer David Hernandez built this charming tree house in the area where Wandawega Camp was located in the state of Wisconsin, where he spent his childhood holidays. He reused wood to erect the structure and decorated the house with various recovered furniture.

10. Dome-shaped house

This house is perfect for couples, because the interior is very small, with a large mattress and a small table. It is located 11 meters above the ground and has a dome-shaped ceiling, including pieces made of glass to further appreciate the stars.

* Posted on 3/29/2017