10 more famous logos with hidden messages

We have already brought you here at Mega Curioso some articles about hidden meanings present in famous logos and even labels of imported beers. And as it is always interesting to find out what are the secret messages that were camouflaged in the figures chosen to represent renowned companies, we decided to gather 10 more examples for you to check. Prepared?

1 - Unilever

As you know, Unilever is one of the largest leaders in food, beverage, cleaning and personal care sales in the world. And the multinational logo, full of designs, reflects something about the different products with which the company works.

2 - yoga australia

If by looking at the image above you can only see a girl's silhouette in a yoga position, then look again, more closely. You will find that the space formed between the woman's arms, leg and hip looks like the map of Australia.

3 - Pepsi

You may not have noticed, but the Pepsi logo underwent a makeover a few years ago - in 2008, more precisely - and the company paid $ 1 million for the modification. Not to mention the full cost of exchanging packaging and labels for all products that were in circulation! Those responsible for the new image justified the astronomical expenses by saying that it is a kind of Da Vinci Code of design.

Apparently, to reshape the logo, Arnell Associates designers were inspired by Feng Shui, relativity theory, the cosmos, terrestrial geodynamic theory, the Renaissance, and more to make the modification you saw above. In other words, the figure representing Pepsi today is the key to the universe!

10 more famous logos with hidden messages

10 more famous logos with hidden messages

10 more famous logos with hidden messages

10 more famous logos with hidden messages

10 more famous logos with hidden messages

10 more famous logos with hidden messages

4 - Audi

Have you ever wondered what the four rims that are part of the Audi logo mean? They represent each of the companies - Wanderer, Horch, DKW and Audi - that were part of the consortium of Auto Union, a German car factory founded in 1932.

5 - Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes logo, with a three-pointed star inside a circle, forms three empty spaces that represent land, air and sea, conveying the idea of ​​dominance that the manufacturer has over these three areas.

6 - Toyota

The ellipses of the Japanese automaker's logo symbolize three hearts: that of the customer, that of the product, and that of technological progress.

7 - Volkswagen

The image that symbolizes the German company carries the initials of the words “volks” and “wagen”, which in German mean people and car respectively. Thus, the whole means "people's car" or "popular car".

8 - Google

If you look closely, you will notice that the Google logo is made up of four letters that appear with primary colors followed by one with secondary color. This was not a random choice, and just by the use of letters and colors is intended to convey the idea that the company is not limited to following rules.

9 - LG

Besides showing the letters that represent the company name, the LG logo also has a hidden image: the letters show a smiling face, with the "L" forming the nose and the "G" the contour of the face. And some say the symbol resembles the old boot icon of Mac computers, as does the late Pac-Man character. Look:

10 - Adidas

Although the Adidas logo featured only the three famous stripes - with no specific meaning - the design has been slightly altered so that the lines form a mountain-like figure, symbolizing the obstacles people must overcome.

Honorable mention


One day someone noticed that a small flag of Denmark formed among the letters of the Coca-Cola logo - which, by the way, has already been named one of the happiest countries in the world. And of course the company did not let the opportunity go blank, taking the opportunity to launch a promotional campaign at the largest Danish airport, during which travelers were greeted with flags. Check it out below: