10 more home tricks that will make your day easier

Life is full of gambiarras. Doubt? So check out the examples below and see how you can solve everyday problems with very simple actions and objects that you already have at home (or are easy to acquire).

1. Place a magnetized tape on a bookcase or table so you don't lose your staples - it might even be in a place that isn't on display!

Bobby pins

2. If your notebook gets too hot and you don't have a cooler table, you can put two forks under it to help with ventilation.


3. You can use a larger staple to help not waste toothpaste


4. With the cold pan, you can use cash elastics to hold the lid and not cause accidents when transporting from place to place.


5. Putting a twig in plants and a pot of water can be the solution when you travel

little plants

6. With a hair band, you can create a stand for your phone not to be on the floor

cell phone

7. If your cat loves to dig in the seedlings, stick them in until he gets used to it.


8. In the absence of an iron, improvise with a clean pan and hot water - just be careful not to get your clothes wet!


9. You can fry nuggets in the toaster: it's faster than in oil!


10. For those who live in small environments, this is a great alternative to setting up the Christmas tree.



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