11 more clever designer creations that deserve a boost

Creativity is not always by our side, but when it comes, very cool things come up. For those who win by having to be creative all the time, this is a huge challenge. Sometimes, however, the best ideas are the simplest and most practical ones. Check out some that deserve note 10:

1. This sign is only visible at night


2. Wall paint highlights and incorporates fire extinguisher


3. Is it easier to pull out? (PS: Missing 2-pin plugs)

power plug

4. This toothpaste comes with a tool to wrap it and make the most of its contents.


5. These Japanese Sticks Are Insanely Beautiful


6. The entrance of this children's library is the most beautiful thing in the world


7. This is a perfect bed for small rooms, as it makes the most of the spaces


8. At Disneyland Hong Kong, the toy queues have benches for the kids to rest on.


9. This bike rack in front of a library is amazing


10. This climbing wall is over a pool, not requiring safety equipment


11. This can comes with a ring that becomes hook

fish hook


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