11 more photos that tell amazing stories

1. "This belt reflects the complex path I had to go to get rid of my extra pounds."

2. At this hospital in Des Moines, United States, glass cleaners dress up as superheroes to greet hospitalized children.

3. War veteran pays tribute to his former commander, killed in combat

4. Retired teacher Antonio La Cava has adapted a traveling library and goes with her all over Italy to encourage children to read books.

5. This man rescued four puppies in the midst of a flood.

6. Couple recreates 40 years later the picture taken on their wedding day

7. Time goes by, but good memories remain intact.

8. Homeless before and after earning a free look for London hairdresser Joshua Coombres

9. In Australia, cyclist offers water to a thirsty koala

10. Mosha, the first elephant in Thailand to receive a leg prosthesis; he had lost her after stepping on a land mine

11. On the way to the wedding, groom sees children drowning and decides to stop the car to rescue them.


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