13 more amazing scenes that only existed for 1 second

1. Involuntarily, some people were lucky enough to capture images at their most perfect moments.

most perfect moments

2. Such exploits were recorded upon leaving a funeral

leaving a funeral

3. In the middle of a snowball battle

snow balls

4. At the edge of the beach

On the beach

5. During a road drive

car by the highway

6. And even in the office window

office window

7. For some scenes, we have to look more than once

one more time

8. While others inevitably end up giving a double meaning

a double sense

9. There are those that seem to have been purposely manipulated by Mother Nature.

Mother Nature

10. The ones that look like paintings, so perfect they are

perfect they are

11. And those that describe exactly the sense of synchronicity

sense of synchronicity

12. Some coincidences are so bizarre that they scare

even scare

13. While others involuntarily portray some truths.

some truths