13 more images that perfectly define the sense of irony

1. Do what I preach, not what I do

(Translation: “Think about your safety first of all”)

2. The most wrong mural in the history of murals

(Translation: “How to save paper”)

3. Climon in the cupboard! Coffee mug protests after being filled with organic tea

4. 'One Hundred' No Regret - Until You Look Up a Dictionary

5. The “Unbreakable” DVD that doesn't deliver what it promises

6. Hurry is the enemy of perfection - and the carrier slogans.

(Translation: “On the road to success, there are no shortcuts”)

7. When traffic caution works best in advertising

(Translation: “Safety begins with you”)

8. The exact time the sensational headline finds the news

(Translation: “Dead by biting nails”)

9. Reading “Fasting” With Your Mouth Full

10. Meanwhile, in the library, a reader brinks at the face of the author of “Never Eat Alone”

11. In the incessant fight against sleepy clients

(Translation: “We don't eat in your beds, so don't sleep at our tables”)

12. The newspaper that does its job to the letter even too long

(Translation: “The Republican: Where News Comes Home”)

13. On orders, only not

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