17 more ideas from designers that have come up in a flash of creativity

If there is a place where creativity rolls wild, it is undoubtedly in the designers mind. Their ability to turn simple things into extremely useful and functional creations is amazing.

Fans of the originality of his ideas, we have prepared a selection with some of his most recent inventions. They are full of eccentricity and hardly go unnoticed:

1. Cutlery or gardening tools?

2. The packing of music note-shaped headphones

3. This staircase that is unlike any you have ever seen

4. The most intimate bed on record

5. The chess game whose pieces are famous buildings

6. The rug that turns into a table

7. The popcorn packaging that melts movie buffs

8. This bathroom sink that is also a small ecosystem

9. This bus stop which is a legitimate tourist spot

10. A necklace inspired by the Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh

11. The milkshake that is served inside a lamp

12. Another staircase we don't often see around

13. The hamburger-shaped WiFi signal sticker

14. A New York drawing to be "illuminated"

15. The fallen tree that has become an elegant bench

16. The perfect beacon for cyclists riding in big cities

17. The table whose glass top appears to be supported by red balloons