5 more objects considered cursed throughout history

Mega Curious readers have a dark interest in macabre objects. Yeah. Proof of this is the fact that we have written about them three times - here, here and here - and the texts have had hundreds of thousands of hits. As our job is to bring up the subjects you like best, we decided to pick up the stories about other evil objects. Check out the following list and then tell us which one would scare you the most:

1 - Maori Tribe Masks

The Maori Indians of New Zealand had the custom of nailing and painting wooden masks before participating in some battles. If one of the warriors died, the belief was that this guy's spirit would still be alive — only in the mask.

Since every warrior was a man, masks are theoretically inhabited by male spirits, so women of the Maori tribes have always been very afraid of this object.

2 - Terracotta's army

Discovered in 1974, the group of Chinese soldiers who had previously been buried is held responsible for the misfortune of the seven people who helped find this archaeological gem. Of them, one committed suicide and the other two died very young. The others had their lives ruined by hard work and miserable wages.

3 - The body of 5, 000 years

The image above shows the remains found in 1991 of a man who would have lived 5, 000 years ago. Since the body was found, 13 of the men who were involved in the excavation have died. Coincidence?

4 - The Hope Diamond

The jewel is currently on display at the Smithsonian Museum, and the story surrounding this gemstone is far more bizarre than one might imagine. Known to be cursed, the diamond was originally stolen by a priest who was later arrested and tortured for the crime committed.

The same diamond also belonged to Jean Babtiste Tefernier, who was killed by a group of rabid dogs. And whenever a new person became the owner of the diamond, she died tragically.

5 - The Purple Sapphire Delhi

The curse surrounding this jewel was discovered when a London art curator found the sapphire wrapped in a note that spoke of the dark side of this luxurious prop. The story goes that in the mid-nineteenth century, when the stone was originally stolen from an Indian temple, jewelry brought health and money problems to those who owned it. Would you risk it?


So what do you think about these theoretically cursed items? Do you believe that kind of thing or would it be the kind that if you found an evil diamond you would still have it? Tell us in the comments!