7 more bizarre court sentences with judges of extreme opinions

We recently published here in Mega Curioso a text with seven rather bizarre court sentences, with controversial and other very humorous punishments. Following this content, today we bring seven more weird sentences that have very creative judges at the time of the trial of some people. Originally, the Oddee website filtered out the most interesting cases. See what were the cases we selected:

1 - The judge who arrested a man because he yawned in court

Image Source: Playback / Oddee

In 2009, Judge Daniel Rozak sentenced Clifton Williams to six months in prison for yawning indiscreetly in court during the trial of a Williams cousin. Clifton did not stay in prison for six months, but spent three weeks behind bars for not behaving properly. The judge said Clifton's yawning was not normal, but strong and violent, disrupting the course of the case - which was considered disrespectful.

2 - The judge who ordered them to tape the mouth of the defendant

Image Source: Playback / Oddee

Judge Stephen Belden tired of the defendant Harry Brown's (frequent charges of petty theft) interruptions in court and ordered them to tape his mouth during the man's trial.

The magistrate said this was the best way to maintain control in court, as the defendant did not allow Belden to pursue the case by saying that the state attorney was not properly qualified. When the tape was removed, Brown said the judge was not respectful of him - Belden, on the other hand, referred the case to another court.

3 - The judge who sent the defendant's sentence by cell phone

Image Source: Playback / Oddee

Defendant Aftab Ahmed, 41, was late for his trial, stuck in a traffic jam outside the city. Ahmed called his lawyer and said he would be late to court. However, Judge Caroline Ludlow said she could not wait for him, as other cases would also be tried in the coming hours. Due to the time, Judge Ludlow decided to send Ahmed's sentence by the same phone.

4 - The judge who asked her twin sister to go to court instead

Image Source: Playback / Oddee

A very peculiar case occurred in Italy for a long time. Gabriela Odisio, a part-time lawyer and judge in the city of Magenta, has repeatedly asked her twin sister Patrizia to go to court in her place so she can serve other clients at that time.

Since they had always been confident, they could easily pass each other — hardly anyone suspected the case. However, when one of Gabriela's clients heard them whispering about the job changes, the sisters were exposed.

5 - The judge who self-judged

Image Source: Playback / Oddee

In 1874, Francis Evans Cornish had to complain about being found drunk in public, as other judges were not available at the time. He himself was convicted and fined about five dollars. However, he later released himself from prison for good behavior.

6 - The judge who ordered the arrest of all 46 people in court

Image Source: Playback / Oddee

Judge Robert Pestaino in the United States ordered the 46 people present at a trial to be arrested because none of them admitted to having a cell phone that rang during the trial. Witnesses say that when a cell phone rang, the judge said that if no one said who was to blame for the noise, they would all be arrested - which actually happened afterwards.

However, on the same day all people were released after the repercussion the case acquired. Robert Pestaino was removed from office and stated that he had numerous problems in his personal life.

7 - The judge who sued New York City for falling to the ground

Image Source: Playback / Oddee

A New York judge is suing the city itself for $ 1 million after slipping on the freshly cleaned floor of its block. According to the smooth-floor victim Jack Battaglia, the municipality is neglecting the training of cleaning staff by not clarifying that they should not leave floors damp. Battaglia broke his knee in the fall and says that street cleaning in New York creates traps anyone can slip into.

And you, what did you think of these judges? If you remember other funny and interesting cases, share it with us in the comments.