More than friends? 3 signs that he or she is in the mood for you

Who has never fallen in love or been attracted to a friend who shoots the first Friends DVD. Sometimes you realize that this person is nice, that he treats you in an interesting way, that you have fun together, and that you wouldn't mind if you had to be with him. And that's it: after that, your heart beats and your stomach becomes a butterfly house.

The worst part of all this is the fear of saying something and losing a friend, but it cannot be denied that until the "nothing will happen between us" happens, there is always hope. The Independent has recently published a list of signs that may indicate that your friend is in the mood for you too - these signs have been taken from this research, it costs nothing to take a look:

1 - In terms of help and patience

If the person is the type who agrees to help you in any way, even if he or she has no benefit from that help, it is already very positive. Try asking for a helping hand and testing the patience of your new object of desire - if he is always on hand, if you don't complain, if you really help and show patience, you can start learning to sing that Cazuza song with Bebel Gilberto.

2 - The good old jealousy

One way to tell if a person cares about you in a way other than friendship is to see their reaction to seeing that you are keeping an eye on someone and / or someone else who is interested in you.

3 - How is it when you lean?

There is no denying it: when two people poke each other too much or take each other's shoulders as well as their arms, it is quite possible that there is some kind of interest. Similarly, it is interesting to take more seriously those "jokes" that may arise regarding a possible involvement between you two.


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