Monkey mom adopts doggie and moves India and the world

A Rhesus macaque living on the outskirts of the city of Erode, India, impressed people in the area and conquered the internet by adopting an abandoned puppy. In addition to carrying her new puppy in her arms on all sides, the ape makes sure that she feeds properly and even protects her from other larger dogs.

The townspeople were so moved by the unusual family that they left food on the streets so that “mother and child” could feed. With several photos showing the life of the cute pet duo, they quickly won the hearts of internet users around the world. “This is an amazing example from nature and we can learn a lot from it, ” said The Logical Indian Facebook page.

Check out the images of this beautiful story below:

Local people love the unusual family

Ensuring puppy hygiene is essential

Mother who is mother defends her offspring from any threat

The monkey takes the dog wherever she goes

And only feeds after ensuring the child's food

“Eat this little fruit, honey! It's good! ”

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