Interactive map shows effects of global warming on coastal cities

An interactive map created by the Climate Central environmental awareness organization shows the user the consequences that human climate change can have, especially in coastal cities, where a small rise in ocean levels can wreak havoc.

For now, map data is available for US territory only, but the rest of the world will be viewable from November. The map allows you to compare two situations side by side and in them you can choose to view the effects in 2050 and 2100, and with five different levels of carbon emission in the atmosphere.

Cause and effect

Taking a quick look at major US coastal cities such as New York, Los Angeles or Miami, it can be noted that if there is no awareness and plans to further reduce air pollutant emissions, entire parts of these urban centers may disappear. in less than half a century.

You can also refer to the map and see what can happen to ocean levels as the average Earth temperature increases. You can choose options from 1.5 increments; 2; 3 and 4 ° C. With this, the organization that creates this resource aims to make people and businesses aware of the pollutants that are emitted daily in the planet's atmosphere.

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