Mars One has university support to colonize Mars

Do you remember Mars One, a Dutch company that plans to start colonizing Mars in 2023, and was even organizing a sort of Big Brother to select astronaut candidates for the venture? According to Venture Beat, the company announced a partnership with the University of Twente in the Netherlands to send humans to the Red Planet.

The mission is not supported by any government agency or space agency, and the idea is to establish a colony on Mars with people who will embark on a one-way trip. And while the plans seem like complete madness, Mars One has already begun recruiting potential earthlings who want to relocate, as well as developing equipment and materials for the mission, all with federal approval.

Intellectual Partnership

The partnership with the Dutch university incorporates the intellectual aspect of the project, and the institution should assist Mars One in developing survival techniques in an extraterrestrial environment through scientific and educational research. In addition, the mechatronics and robotics departments should make important contributions in helping to build vehicles and other devices.

In September, the partnership will also lead to a new engineering student program called ATLAS College, focused on solving major social and global issues through the development of research projects for the Martian mission, but which could be applied here. on Earth, especially in the areas of sustainability and in the creation of alternative forms of energy generation.