Thor's hammer really is as powerful and beautiful as in the movie [video]

Taking advantage of the premiere of the movie "Thor - The Dark World", which hit Brazilian theaters last Friday (1), blacksmith and associate Tony Swatton, star of the YouTube show "Man At Arms", decided to forge a version of the imposing hammer of the Norse god of thunder, the Mjolnir. It does not shine, it is true, but it is nonetheless a stylish piece.

To give you an idea of ​​the difficulty, just the hammer head was made up of ten separate pieces of chrome steel. Even the designs on the whole weapon were replicated, and in the end it was considered quite heavy to use, despite being extremely effective against various objects. The whole process is quite elaborate and briefly shown by Swatton's team.

In order to facilitate construction and handling, the hammer was hollow during the video. Filled in, the real Mjolnir can reach 90 kg - and rocking it seems really only possible for Thor himself.

Due to his ability, Swatton worked for years in the making of swords, shields and other equipment for films of all kinds. On AWE Me, he responds to fan requests and forges realistic versions of fiction props, such as Wolverine's claws and an ax from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and tests them to see if the accessories would be effective in the real world.

Via Tecmundo