Doctors find 28-year-old lens lodged in a woman's eyelid

One fine day in 1990, a 14-year-old British girl was playing badminton with a group of friends when she accidentally ended up getting a ball in the face. The teenager wore rigid contact lenses and, with the blow, lost one of them. Or at least that's what the girl thought!

Magnetic resonance

Look at the surprise there! (Daily Mail)

That's because, now, 28 years after the frustrated game, a team of ophthalmologists has found the missing lens - housed all that time in your eyelid. The name of the patient was not disclosed, but according to Sara G. Miller of Live Science, she decided to seek medical help after noticing a constant swelling and discomfort in her left eyelid over the past six months.


During the exams, the specialists discovered a small mass under the skin of the patient's eye and then decided to subject it to an MRI. Such a mass, as they were diagnosed, consisted of a well-defined cyst of 8 by 4 by 6 millimeters. Hence, the rather simple case turned out to be a medical curiosity since, by removing the cyst, the surgeons discovered that it contained a relatively well-preserved rigid contact lens. That lens ...

Woman's eyes

The patient noted slight swelling and discomfort in the left eyelid (Daily Mail)

In fact, the patient - now 42 years old - couldn't even remember the incident from 28 years ago. But, thinking from here, inquiring from there, she remembered the ball in her eye that she thought she had lost her lens and that after that she never wore rigid lenses again.

Contact lens

The "missing" (Daily Mail)

What happened was that the jackpot during the badminton game shifted the lens under the woman's eyelid and stayed there all this time and was "encapsulated" by her body. Doctors do not know why the object only causes swelling and inflammation after nearly three decades, but the cyst has been removed, and the mystery of the lost lens finally solved.


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