Mother claims 6-year-old foster daughter was 22-year-old sociopathic woman

The American couple Kristine Barnett (45) and Michael Barnett (42) experienced a similar situation to that experienced by the Mauerova family, which led to the movie The Orphan (2009). Indiana residents Kristine and Michael were known years ago to be parents of Jacob Barnett, considered a genius in his childhood. Therefore, when they offered to adopt a child, supposedly in an emergency situation, they were considered the ideal adopters.

Natalia officially joined the Barnett family in November 2010, and at the time her documentation was that of a 6-year-old Ukrainian girl. The couple was aware that the child would have problems with growth, vision and even locomotion. However, they were willing to provide the best possible environment for it to develop.

Almost poisoned mother

Over time, however, they began to notice that Natalia behaved strangely and showed signs of being of a different age from what appeared in her documentation. The mother said, for example, that when she went to bathe her daughter, she noticed that she already had pubic hair. After some time in the house, he noticed that the girl's teeth already resembled the teeth of an adult and that her adopted daughter was already menstruating.

Later, Natalia began to stain the house mirrors with blood and draw murder scenes. She even tried to stab her parents while they slept and expressed a desire to kill the family, wrap them in a rug and hide them in the yard.

Kristine once saw the girl put something in her coffee and, when questioning her, Natalia just replied that he wanted to kill her.


Discovering the scam

For three years, Kristine and Michael tried to live with their foster daughter and help her in some way. They took the girl to specialists, and then her mother heard exactly what she suspected: that Natalia was not a child but a 22-year-old woman.

By identifying that the girl was not the age the documents showed, the couple decided it was time to act. They kept an apartment in Indiana exclusively for Natalia with all expenses paid, but moved to Canada.

What the couple did not realize was that this could bring even more problems. The social service, which still did not recognize the real age of the woman, indicted the adopting couple for the abandonment of a child.

A later trial found that Natalia was, in fact, an adult. However, the whereabouts of the criminal today are unknown. The last time Natalia contacted her, her mother says the woman just mentioned being making dinner for her new family.