Fear of spiders? Check out some of the world's most bizarre

Black Widow (Image source: Reproduction / Wikipedia)

Spiders are eight-legged animals that haunt many people's lives. Incidentally, arachnophobia - irrational fear of arachnids - is probably the most common type of animal phobia in the world.

However, these pets are also extraordinary. Spiders occupy the seventh place in number of species in the animal world and, except for Antarctica, they have been able to settle on every continent of the earth.

Although they produce poison, only a few species pose a danger to humans, and in addition to studying their incredible webs (click here for some news on the subject), scientists now study the applications of the toxins they produce for use as medicines.

The folks at Odd Stuff Magazine, to honor these amazing eight-legged animals, decided to create a short list of some of the world's most bizarre spider species. Check it out below:

Theridion grallator

(Image source: Reproduction / Odd Stuff Magazine)

Also known as the “happy face spider” - and we don't need to explain why - it is no more than 5 millimeters long and is native to several islands in Hawaii. In fact, there it is known as nananana makaki'i.

Myrmarachne plataleoides

(Image source: Reproduction / Odd Stuff Magazine)

Native to India, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia, and China, they look like ants and do not usually attack humans.

Maratus volans

(Image source: Reproduction / Odd Stuff Magazine)

This beautiful spider is also known as the "peacock spider" and "glider spider" because it is a jumping species. In addition, males have small, fur-covered abdomen extensions that they open during the mating ritual while dancing to attract females.


(Image source: Reproduction / Odd Stuff Magazine)

This strange spider is native to Asia, Africa and America. They can reach up to 30 millimeters in diameter and have thorn-like prominences on their abdomen. Despite their frightening appearance, their bites usually pose no danger to humans.

Bagheera kiplingi

(Image source: Reproduction / Odd Stuff Magazine)

Famous for being the only herbivorous spider in the world, this jumping species is native to Central America and Mexico.


(Image source: Reproduction / Odd Stuff Magazine)

These small spiders spin their webs and are native to Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Melanesia and Madagascar. They look like dead leaves, and can elevate their bodies by mimicking scorpions when disturbed. They rarely attack humans, and their bites are not dangerous, causing only local swelling and some pain.

Source: Odd Stuff Magazine