Girl succeeds in dancing her way in school performance [video]

Have you ever watched the movie “Little Miss Sunshine”? If so, you will understand what it has to do with the following video. If not, watch when you have a little time - it's worth it.

The plot of the film revolves around the enchanting Olive, whose big dream is to participate in a beauty contest. But Olive is not the perfect little princess who smiles, quite the opposite! She is the “normal” girl, who strives to demonstrate her skills and who can count on the support of her entire family, made up of imperfect people.

And what does this have to do with the video below? Well, in it you'll see a charming girl stealing the scene in a school performance, alongside other little girls. The dance was supposed to be tap dancing, but that's not quite what happened. The little girl danced the way she wanted and led the audience to laugh.

Check out the following images and then tell us: Why do we enjoy seeing children being so authentic? Isn't it time for us to start doing what we like and leave some unfounded demands aside?