14-year-old boy creates watch and is arrested on charges of making a 'bomb'

Few people can claim to be proud of having created a digital clock from scratch at just 14 years old. One of them is brilliant Ahmed Mohamed, a Muslim-born teenager who studies in the city of Irving, Texas, in the United States. However, instead of being recognized for the magnificent achievement, the young man suffered from prejudice and was accused of having created a supposed "homemade bomb".

The case took place last Monday (14) at the MacArthur High School where Mohamed attends his classes. According to the young man's own report, the digital clock had been created on Sunday night, and proudly intended to show the creation to his tutors. The object was made with a printed circuit board and a battery digitally connected to a device inserted in a hologram projector. A simple project, but impressive considering the age and knowledge that Muhammad has.

The brilliant young Ahmed Mohamed, creator of a digital watch that was mistaken for a bomb.

The beginning of prejudice

In showing his creation to his engineering teacher, the reaction was not exactly as he expected. Although his tutor praised the project, the recommendation was that the young man should not show the digital clock to other teachers. Mohamed kept his upbringing in his backpack and went to English class.

There, due to unfortunate misery, the alarm clock on the digital clock began to set off, which bothered the teacher who taught the class. The young man showed his creation to her that ended up confusing the object with a bomb. Startled, she called the school board, which immediately called the police to investigate the case.

Creating new electronic objects is the young student's hobby.

The youth's prison

With the arrival of the officers, no explanation offered by young Mohamed was enough to prevent what would happen next. He was taken to the principal's office, where he was interrogated by five police officers without his parents present. Then the student was taken to a juvenile detention center where his fingerprints were taken. There he was kept with his hands tied behind his back in handcuffs and with two security guards to ensure he did nothing suspicious.

According to Ahmed Mohamed's father, the young man was only arrested because of his Muslim background and the proximity of September 11.

According to local authorities, this action was necessary because the artifact could be a bomb disguised as a clock and would be placed in a bathroom or under a car. Local police said Mohamed could still be accused of creating a "fake bomb" to threaten others.

Ahmed Mohamed was seized for creating a digital clock that was mistaken for a bomb.


You don't have to think long and hard to conclude that it was all a case of prejudice. According to Ahmed Mohamed's father, the young man was arrested only because of his Muslim background and the proximity of September 11, the date of the attack on the twin towers in the United States in 2001. Interestingly enough, the student was born exactly the same year the terrorist act struck the country.

When he was younger, Mohamed was part of the school's robotics club. Creation is one of his hobbies, who from now on will no longer take his inventions to college. Why is this kind of situation still happening? It is sad to see such a talent being repressed because of prejudice. Let us hope that this unfortunate affair does not leave deep imprints on the bright mind of young Ahmed Mohamed. This whole situation is already under investigation by the Council for American-Islamic Relations.

Via TecMundo.