Master student believes that instead of killing himself, Hitler came to Brazil. Understand

You learned at school that Adolf Hitler, the Austrian defender of Aryan supremacy and responsible for the deaths of millions of Jews, would have committed suicide after the Soviet invasion, right? That's what everyone knows about the Führer, but if it depends on Simoni Renée Guerreiro Dias, the dictator's story was quite different.

In his dissertation book entitled "Hitler in Brazil - His Life and His Death", Simoni defends the idea that the dictator had in fact forged his own suicide and came to live in Tupiniquin lands, where, incidentally, would have lived to be 95 years old.

As absurd as the idea may seem at first, Simoni insists that Hitler lived in Our Lady of Deliverance in Mato Grosso. This is just one of the studies that support the idea that Hitler had come to Brazil or some other South American country. Simoni plans to go to Israel, even, looking for a supposed descendant of the dictator to perform DNA tests.


Place where Adolf Leipzig's body was buried Image Source: Reproduction / G1

Simoni's line of research has generated criticism from historians, who, like Cândido Moreira Rodrigues, professor of political and contemporary history at the Federal University of Mato Grosso, rate Simoni's research as deficient in scientific rigor. The master's student said it took years to “buy into the idea” that Hitler had actually come to Brazil, but, according to her, after studying the subject, she was more than convinced.

Simoni has a degree in Arts Education, but decided to start researching Hitler after hearing rumors that he would not have killed himself. In addition, she clung to the fact that other Nazis had fled to South America and also to the story that the Vatican had given Hitler a map of a Jesuit treasure hidden in Nobles, a tourist town near Cuiaba.

Summing up Hitler's saga on this hypothesis of non-suicide: With the help of the Vatican, the former leader would have come to Argentina, Paraguay, Rio Grande do Sul and then to Mato Grosso. His search for such a treasure was never completed and he would have died from the 1980s, buried under a different name.

Adolf Leipzig the Old German

Adolf Leipzig and his wife Image Source: Reproduction / G1

Simoni's investigations targeted a foreigner who died in the 1980s in the city of Nossa Senhora do Livramento. This man would have surnamed the hometown of Bach, Hitler's favorite musician. Adolf Leipzig, known to the population as “old German” would be the former undercover leader himself.

The researcher reportedly found two hospitalizations at the Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Cuiabá in consecutive years. The first, in the name of Adolfo Sopping, an 81-year-old patient; the second, a year later, by Adolfo Lepping, 82 years old. For Simoni, the two are the same person.

According to the testimony of a person not identified by the author of the book, a hospital nun tried to block the man's entrance, claiming he was a bloodthirsty and had killed many people. A priest appeared to appease the situation, explaining that this patient should be treated, yes, by Vatican orders.

Is it sound?

Image Source: Reproduction / Rawstory

Simoni managed to remove the remains of Adolf Leipzig's grave with the intention of doing DNA tests and trying to make some connection with Hitler's alleged descendant in Israel.

Professor Moreira Rodrigues stated in a statement published in the G1 that “it is not news that many who claim to be historians will raise the most varied hypotheses about Hitler's possible stays in South America and his subsequent death in one of the countries of this region of the world ".

According to him, there is no doubt that Hitler and his mate killed each other after realizing that they would not resist the Soviet invasion. And the dictator's story ends there. Is that you? What do you think about all this? Do you believe that he may have come to Brazil or do you think this hypothesis is just a senseless speculation?