My mansion, my life: home in England can be yours for under $ 8

If you dream of owning a country house, you need to participate in an online raffle: a guy is selling raffle tickets to get rid of a mansion in the UK. Each coupon costs £ 2, the equivalent of $ 7.80, and the owner expects to sell up to 500, 000 by August, which is when he intends to make the draw.

The 37-year-old Dunstan Lowe saga began in 2011 when he bought the property for the equivalent of $ 1.7 million. The house is called Melling Manor and has six bedrooms, a ballroom, and a large kitchen and parking. After investing another dollar in renovations, Lowe was in debt because of the mortgage and decided to put the house for sale in 2014.

Only then the problems began: Lowe asked for $ 3.1 million and found no interested. He postponed the sale for two more years and announced again at the end of 2016, this time for $ 3.3 million. Again, no one wanted to buy the mansion, which is located in rural Lancashire.

All very simple

Lowe decided to give up the profit and lowered the sale price to $ 2.5 million, but even so, only one person came to visit the property and decided not to close the deal. It was then that the guy decided a different approach and decided to draw the house!

And the story worked, as he had sold 60, 000 tickets by February of this year, even before news broke about the raffle he was promoting. Lowe explains that he will make the draw on August 1st. Despite this, the house is still for sale. If someone pays the $ 2.5 million he is asking for, the amount accumulated from selling tickets online will be drawn to some lucky one.

And anyone can bid: just log on to Win a Country House and buy as many tickets as you want, for the cost of £ 2 each. Payment can be made through PayPal and you need to know which architectural style the property belongs to. Tip: It's the Georgian! If you win the residency, be sure to invite the gang to the inauguration. We even bring a dish drainer to give as a gift!

I will guarantee my ticket


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