Miss Universe 2015: The 21 Best Gaffe Memes of the Year

If you thought the year would end with the memes of Jessica and Fabiola, Miss Universe came to show that 2015 is not over yet! Last night, we saw the term “embarrassment” take on a new dimension when host Steve Harvey did the unthinkable: announcing the wrong Miss in the awards final.

At the height of the contest, which took place in Las Vegas, comedian Harvey was supposed to call second and first place, but eventually announced Miss Colombia as the winner. Ariadna Gutiérrez went to the center of the stage, with the coronation, many smiles and typical waves of the parades. It was then that the very embarrassed presenter had to interrupt the moment of celebration in order to correct the mistake:

"Friends, I have to apologize. The runner-up is Miss Colombia. Miss Universe 2015 is from the Philippines, " Harvey said, to everyone's surprise.

One of the biggest gaffes of all beauty pageants, the awards have become jokes on social networks, and we've sorted out the best memes ever published:

1. Lucky for the day: you're not this guy

2. Despite being a comedian, it seems that Steve Harvey couldn't get a smile from Miss Philippines.

3. The fault? They will play at the intern who made the card

4. After all, there were many options

5. Seems we know this host from somewhere else

6. “Lady, lady, come back, the crown is not yours”

7. Of course one of the biggest figures of the year could not be left out

8. This final was especially painful for a Brazilian

9. My face when my plans don't work out

10. When you think you're rocking but it comes to life to throw you real

11. Did you mess up at work? Show your boss the video of Miss Universe

12. Now, you can always put this gaffe on the scale and see that your tamarin was no big deal

13. Is it over, 2015? It seems not, darling

14. The eternal drama of finding beans in the fridge

15. Looks like someone got a new social media description

16. According to Bela Gil, “you can replace the crown with a meme of the year, for example”

17. How to identify a feeling in just one expression

18. Miga, your location

19. There is always a better option.

20. The expression “only ends when it ends” has never been so real

21. Not even Vincent Vega understood

And yesterday's best gaffe meme on # MissUniverse2015 goes to .... pic.twitter.com/DHgzCV8cA9

- Nilson Xavier (@Teledramaturgy) 21 December 2015