Mind-blowing montage brings together the most ghostly houses of cinema [video]

With Halloween approaching and becoming a globalized date, nothing better than remembering great thriller and horror classics with the video above. In the editing, done by Burger Fiction YouTube channel, several films appear in scenes loaded with tension.

“Psycho”, “The Others”, “Mama”, “The Shining”, “The Chainsaw Massacre”, “Poltergeist”, among others, had scenes where houses are almost a separate entity ready to scare their poor residents or tenants. Some geniuses, such as Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick, knew very well how to create a climate of tension that enveloped not only the characters themselves, but also the surrounding environment.

In the montage, we can see how some angles and planes appear in several feature films and yet they can scare us: the long corridors, the close on the doorknob opening, someone climbing a ladder very slowly ... There are countless cliché situations that print fear year after year.

Can you identify all the movies? The YouTube video link provides the full list of productions that appear. Taking the opportunity to remember a classic seventh art killer: "What's your favorite horror movie?"


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