65-year-old wife tries to kill husband with stool injection

A completely bizarre story in Phoenix, Arizona, left residents open-mouthed. Rosemary Vogel, a 65-year-old lady, was accused of trying to kill her husband shortly after he had heart surgery. For this, she, who is a nurse, injected feces into the canines that carried medicines to the patient's bloodstream.

The case took place at Chandler Regional Medical Center, where Rosemary had previously worked. According to local police, the nurses realized that something was wrong when they were warned that Rosemary was disturbing her husband's intravenous access.


Image Source: Reproduction / News

A nurse then saw that the catheter barrel was brown and removed the material from the patient's vein at the same moment. Rosemary's bag was searched and the police found three syringes: two filled with fluid and one filled with poop. Tests were performed and proved that the material of the third syringe was indeed of fecal origin.

The patient is recovering from both the surgery and the attack suffered by his wife. The woman was arrested on charges of attempted murder and abuse of the vulnerable. The police still don't know why she wanted to commit the crime in such a bizarre way.