Woman donates kidney to complete stranger after seeing online advertisement

Organ donation needs to be increasingly encouraged, mainly because many people think it is necessary to die in order to donate. In life, it is possible to donate pieces of the pancreas, liver and, exceptionally, lung, kidney and bone marrow - the latter is one of the most requested, since compatibility is not always so high even between siblings, so There are registration banks to discover potential donors.

Already the kidney is an organ that the vast majority of people only donate to relatives. If you have both healthy kidneys, you can quietly live with only one and give a person who has neither of them perfectly functioning a new hope of living. Now would you give yours to someone you never even saw in your life? This was the case of the 30-year-old Jessica Morris dental technician.

On New Year's Eve, Jessica set a new year's resolution to save someone's life. But how to do it? She lives in Orange County, California, just 2 hours away from David Nachere, a 30-year-old writer who needed to have his life saved: he had suffered from kidney failure for over 6 years and had already accepted the imminent death, since who found no matching donor among their family and friends.


David had the transplant in June

The first time he had a kidney problem was at 3 months of age, and since then he has had more than 27 surgeries and developed Crohn's disease, which presents as a serious infection in the gut. In this, his second kidney began to fail, and David completely lost hope of survival, but nevertheless decided to play one last card: to publish his story on the Internet.

The report came to Jessica, who quickly offered to donate one of her kidneys if they were compatible. She went straight to contact him, but David was afraid and suspicious. After all, how would a stranger do something so big for someone she has never seen in her life? Other people who responded to your ad were willing to sell the agency, but that's pretty illegal - and expensive as hell!

It took two months of intense preparation and a battery of tests to confirm that Jessica could be her donor. The surgery took place in June, and although it may cause complications for both of them in the future, Jessica has no regrets and David has faith in his recovery. In an interview, she assures them that they will be friends for life, after all, now David takes a part of her with him.


Friends forever


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