Woman already has 44 children at 40 years old

You have not read it wrong and MegaCurioso is not making up any lines of this story. Mariam Nabatanzi, who lives in Uganda, turned 40 with the title of most fertile woman in the world. This is because, at 40 years old, she has nothing more, nothing less (less is a word that does not even exist in this case) than 40 children .

The woman gave birth for the first time at age 12: a pair of twins. Then came another six pairs of twins. Are you counting there? (2 twins, then another 6 x 2 = 12, that is, there are 14 children so far). After that came four more sets of triplets (yes, 4 x 3 = 12), five sets of quadruples (5 x 4 = 20). Just for anyone to get lost in the accounts: 2 + 12 + 12 + 20 = 44 children. Six of them died during childbirth and Mariam cares for the remaining 38 in an extremely poor village in Uganda.

Mariam with some of her 38 children. Photo: Reproduction / All That's Interisting

To make life even more difficult for her, she was abandoned by her husband, who was later found to be the father of 45 other children. The situation caught the attention of the medical community who went to study Mariam's case. The woman has a rare and genetic condition that causes her to produce an abnormal amount of eggs, as well as having very large ovaries. A doctor who examined her as a girl said she could not take any kind of contraceptive because of abnormally sized ovaries. However, years later, the recommendation was found to be unfounded.

Mariam has gone through a procedure to prevent further pregnancies, as maintaining 38 children is very difficult for women. To support all her children (the oldest is 23), Mariam accepts any kind of work in the village where she lives: from selling junk to cutting people's hair. Every day, the woman cooks 55 corns to ensure the feeding of children who live in four sets of houses next to each other.