Woman kills man by squeezing his testicles

(Image source: ShutterStock)

There are many bad ways to die, but what happened to a man in China must be one of the worst in the world. He - unidentified by the Chinese press - argued with a woman over a scooter parked improperly. After some "impropriety" changed, the fight began to become physical.

The man even immobilized the woman, which forced her to scream for her husband and son, but they were not around to help her. With no options to escape, she gripped the attacker's testicles as tightly as she could, causing him to convulse from the pain. After the collapse, the man was taken to hospital but eventually died.

Is it really possible to die like this?

The Gizmodo website contacted a urologist named Irwin Goldstein to find out the answer. He said that it is possible to die with crushed testicles. "The testicles are very sensitive to touch and a large adrenaline rush is generated when too much force is applied to them... This can certainly result in a heart attack."