Woman dies of tiger attack in zoo in China

Warning: The above video images may be considered strong.

In Beijing, China, there is a zoo that allows visitors to drive through loose wild animals - the only requirement is that they do not get out of the car during their visit. It was there that a walk between friends had a tragic end recently.

After an apparent fight between friends, the driver of one of the cars that strolled the zoo decided to stop the vehicle and get out of it. The moment she left, she was attacked by a tiger. To defend the attacked woman, another visitor hurried out of the car and, once outside, was also attacked and eventually died.

An internal camera recorded the moment when the first girl jumps out of the car and the second, to save her, is then attacked. The pictures show that a man also gets out of the car in an attempt to stop the first attack.


The woman who got out of the car trying to help the other was dragged away and killed by another tiger. Zoo officials tried to save them both, but only the first one who got out of the vehicle was rescued alive - she's in hospital, recovering from her injuries.

Both the man and a child, who was also in the car and did not get out of the vehicle, left without injury. After the event, the park was closed for two days, but with the justification of a forecast of rain - so far, the institution has not commented on the event.