Woman does not enjoy pornography? This research says otherwise

Do you know that idea that women don't enjoy porn? Well ... It's just an idea, and as you know, ideas don't always represent reality. To prove this, a research commissioned by Marie Claire decided to listen to the women to better understand the girls' preferences.

The study, which is part of a documentary produced by photographer Amanda de Cadenet, heard 3, 000 women who revealed their pornography habits: 90% of them watch adult movies online, and two-thirds of them all watch movies in their own. smartphones.

The photographer explains that her project seeks to change the misconception that women do not like sex and / or pornography. Just to give you an idea, 31% of women said they watch adult movies weekly and 30% said they watch porn a few times a month. Regarding the type of movie you watch most, follow below the relationship between style and audience:

  • Heterosexual: 63%
  • Lesbian: 44%
  • A bit of everything: 31%
  • Hard core: 28%
  • Soft-core: 26%
  • Male gay: 13%
  • Not listed here: 13%

Obviously, these numbers are different when we compare female with male habits. According to a 2014 survey by Cosmopolitan, 32.5% of underpants say they watch pornographic movies daily. This rate drops to 3.8% when women respond.

Girls also prefer to enjoy this content while alone - two-thirds of them say they don't do it with their partners. Still, more than half of respondents believe pornography plays a positive role in their sex lives.

Of the women who participated in the interview, 70% were between 18 and 34 years old and more than half of them were in a serious relationship. For Cadenet, women are using pornography to find out what they want and how they can enjoy themselves.

It is always worth remembering that the production of pornographic content for the female audience has grown more and more. With more creative storylines, more intense dialogues and less mechanical actions, films such as those by director Erika Lust increasingly appeal to women.

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