Wife steals husband's car to stop playing online

The video game was once responsible for ending a lot of relationship. Often, men and women exchange their partners for hours and more hours in front of the TV or in some online virtual world. And this time, video games almost ruined a wedding in China.

According to a story told by Kotaku, a Hangzhou trader eventually became addicted to a certain MMO, spending most of the day interested in earning coins and leveling up. As a result, he set aside some responsibilities and, in one of those moments, dropped his own van used for work totally unlocked on the street.

After hours immersed in his new hobby, Zhou realized that he should go for another product delivery. At that moment, he had a surprise: the company car, his main source of income, had been stolen. After calling the police and not finding the car again, Zhou prepared to tell the story to his wife by phone.

It was then that he discovered that he had been trolled by his wife, who, seeing the open car in the street, decided to take the vehicle home in order to prevent it from being stolen and also to scare the "husband". And she was not happy at all.

After that, let's hope Zhou learns how to lock the doors well before leaving for gambling.