Women can sniff out their rivals

Many call it intuition, but a woman can sniff a problem from afar when it comes to a rival. According to an article on the Discovery News website, just one smell from a woman near ovulation is sufficient to stimulate another woman's testosterone levels, along with her desire to compete.

The conclusion came from a study, which showed that competition among women can be largely shaped by the smell they exhale in the period around ovulation, which causes their rivals to testosterone, affecting their behavior.

"It is well known that testosterone is linked to aggressiveness and competitiveness. Based on our findings, it can be speculated that women exposed to the smell of ovulation may become more adversarial or competitive, " the study author told Discovery News., Jon Maner, a psychologist at Florida State University.


For the study, the Florida State University research team measured women's testosterone levels before and after they smelled T-shirts that were previously worn by other women ages 18-21. The t-shirts were worn by two groups of women: one who wore it during the fertile period and others in the low fertility phase.

For the duration of the study, women who wore shirts had to refrain from any sexual activity. They should also bathe in a mild, odorless shampoo and soap, and do not use perfume, smoke and avoid eating odor-producing foods such as garlic and asparagus.

Women who were supposed to smell the t-shirts were asked how much they could say about someone else, even without knowing them, but they had no idea how, by whom and when t-shirts were worn.

The results showed that women exposed to the smell of those in the high fertility period exhibited higher testosterone levels, while the odor of the others in the low fertility phase caused the same levels to decline significantly. This means that women in fertile times become a warning signal to others.